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Saturday, May 24, 2008

Hawaii Trip

Dan and I recently returned from our trip to Hawaii. We went to celebrate our third anniversary, but it was more because we found REALLY good airfare, :) too good to pass up acutally. But we had a great time. I was nervous about leaving Danny and not having him with me, but it all worked out just fine. Leaving him with John and Cindy created one set of very happy grandparents and another set of very jealous grandparents.

Here are a few photos from our trip.

Here we are after the luau at the Polynesian Cultural Center. We loved the PCC, but it was our first full day in Hawaii and we were so tired!! In fact, we only made it up to intermission at the big night show because we were both falling asleep. Embarassing I know, but we were struggling with the six hour time difference.

I was facinated by the mountains!

My friend Andria from BYU was kind enough to take us on a hike to a beautiful waterfull. Although, I can't believe I posted that HIDIOUS picture of me and Dan on the hike to the waterfall, but I was amazed again at the mountains and how lush everything was. (In my defense, the mountain was steep and it was a warm day.)

We also snorkeled at Hanama Bay. I totally forgot about bringing an underwater camera and the ones they had available were $20, sooooo...we didn't have one and we weren't able to take pictures of the beautiful fish and SEA TURTLES that we saw while snorkeling. Bummer. But it was so cool!

Dan and I at the beach by our hotel on Waikiki with Diamond Head in the background.

Dan caught some big waves at Sandy's. I opted to sit out and watch. I can boogie board on Myrtle Beach waves, but not at Sandy's and being 7 months pregnant.

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Audra said...

That picture of the beach is amazing! Looks like you had a fantastic time. It's kind of funny that you were falling asleep at the PCC, but hey, if you're tired, you're tired.

We need to go to Hawaii.