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Thursday, July 30, 2009

Kathryn Hawley

WARNING: Cheesy post ahead.
So Kate has officially completed the first year of her life! I've been thinking about her a lot as we've crept up onto this date and I'm amazed with all the things she is able to do at this point.
For the past few weeks I have been keeping a running list of the things I love about her and that make me smile.
  • She loves finding any opportunity when the gate for the stairs isn't up. She then treats it as a race to see how fast she can climb up the stairs. When I come racing up behind her, she giggles so much she can barely continue.
  • She has an obsession with my cell phone and the remote. Holding it isn't enough, she HAS to push buttons.
  • I have to be sneaky when I unload the dishwasher. If she is in the general vicinity, she makes a mad dash to start pulling things out of the utensil holder and the bottom rack.
  • She can unroll the toilet paper with the best of them!
  • I love seeing her excitement for new foods. In the beginning, she had the most delicate little fingers as she picked up foods carefully with her thumb and pointer finger. Now, who needs delicate!?! Kate's an eating champ and is currently in the lead over Danny.
  • Her walking has improved a lot over the past couple weeks. She still isn't ready to take the plunge and give up crawling, but her cute little, not completely balanced steps are so fun to watch. You can tell she gets enjoyment and satisfaction out of her new found ability.
  • I have enjoyed the summer because she has more skin showing than over the winter months and I love it! Her soft, snuggly skin just invites lots and lots of kisses!
  • I love her piercing, blue eyes. She really looks at you. It almost feels like she's looking at your soul.
  • And I can't get over her scrunchy nose when she smiles. It's one of my favorite things about her.

Kate is an absolute delight. I am so happy that we are lucky enough to have her in our home.


Hannah said...

She is absolutely adorable!! I just want to eat her up every time I see her in church.

Hope you are enjoying your summer.

Raen said...

That's precious. It's so good to write all this down becuase it's so easy to forget. It's also good to remember all the cute fun things when she's being a little stinker...but she's probably always an angel :-)