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Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Pure Cream

At Kate's doctor appointment yesterday, I nearly died when the nurse told me that Kate weighed NINE pounds and TWELVE ounces!! I had no idea! I thought she was getting a little chubby, but she has put on nearly two whole pounds in almost three weeks. And she's grown just about an inch and a half. I was shocked! My mother-in-law teases me about having not just milk, but pure cream. But my babies like it and they sure do grow! I love to see the chub that she's starting to accumulate.

Dan put together the double stroller for us and we went on our first walk all together. Danny was thrilled about being able to see his little sister the entire time and look out for her, as he's doing in the second picture by trying to buckle her in. But let me tell you, this is one mother of a stroller. I feel like I'm pushing around a boat! Even though it does ride smoothly, with the two kids, it is heavy and quite a workout.

I love this picture because I think it perfectly depicts their relationship. Danny innocently enjoys to torment his little sister. He's oblivious to it all. He loves being a big brother!


Da TuPolAz said...

we're about to get one of those limousine strollers in a's the two kid life going. Man I have a month and a half and I don't know if I can hold on. I thought I was going to die when I was pregnant with talitha but this one is worse because I'm so busy and Talitha's so heavy! Looks like you're two are getting along good :)

Tawni said...

Hi Rebecka! This is Tawni Shipley and your kids are so cute! Congrats on baby Kate! I love the pictures of brother and sister- they are so sweet. Fun to see your blog-- I look forward to your posts. You were missed at the IF reunion, but Dave & I glad that all seems to be going well for your family! Take care. :)

Tawni said...

Dave and I "are" glad that is... :) it's too late for me to be typing apparently!