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Friday, August 29, 2008

Simple Pleasures

Is this not a picture of pure enjoyment?!

Rita's is an italian ice chain out here that Dan and I love. And I think we frequent it probably a little more than we should because Danny knows exactly where it is and if we drive by he yells out, "treat!" and points in the direction of the establishment. I am shocked that a kid, not even two years old, can recognize places out and about town. He knows exactly where Chick-fil-A is as well. He cries out from the back seat, "side!!" which in his language is slide. They have a little toy area that Danny is obsessed with. Whenever we eat there, I can hardly keep him from darting immediately to the back of the restaurant, pulling on the little handle on the door and racing into the play area without a care in the world. But playing on that jungle gym thing is something he loves, so he remembers it. The simple pleaures of a child.

But this particular time at Rita's, they gave him a massive ice cream cone! Dan did not join us on this trip and by the time we got home, this is what he looked like. Just imagine his sugar high.


Raen said...

Dallin knows where Rita's is too. It's a curse! Their custard is to die for! I love the extreem smile on his face.

Bridges Family said...

Looks like 100% pure joy! Rita's is a highlight on our list as well!

Love the pictures!

Tawni said...

That picture is adorable! Dave feels the same way about Macey's soft serve! ;) I think he smiles about that big when he gets it too. Super cute!!

Stacey said...

That is such a great picture!! So cute!