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Saturday, August 30, 2008

Wild Animal Park

For any of you who doubted that Danny was the spitting image of his father, here is conclusive evidence. I have always teased Dan about when he's standing his hands always seem to end up in his back pockets, see exhibit one, or in his back waistband. It doesn't matter if he's waiting in line at the store or brushing his teeth, his hands always end up behind his back. I found it a little strange and wondered why he did it. Well, now I can see that it's just him 'cause Danny does it too.
He loved feeding the goats and the deer until they got a little aggressive, then he got a little scared and wanted to keep his distance.

Momma and Danny looking at some cute little monkeys.

Dan took Danny over to see the baby camel, whose fur was unbelievably soft, and as he set him up on the fence to pose for the picture, I saw that the camel started nibbling on Danny's leg! Needless to say, Danny was a little startled and didn't want much to do with him after that. But the little camel was so cute, his umbilical cord was even still attached.

I thought he looked like he was really GQ-in' it!

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Bradleyfamily said...

How fun!! I really love the picture of you and Danny!! It's a really cute picture of you! Danny's brave!! Josh wouldn't get very close to the animals at all. He is such a cute little boy!