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Saturday, September 27, 2008

In the last week or so...

I always check on Danny right before I go to bed and the other night this is what I found. Could a mother be more proud?! :)
Although, the pride stops whenever I find that he has climbed up something again and has gotten into something (again) that he shouldn't. Dan loves seeing his son with make-up brushes and powder all over himself. But Danny couldn't be happier.

Danny loves balls and plays so hard his cheeks get all blushed. This week, he spent a day with his Grandma Norton at a farm on a field trip and he found pumpkins, which he insisted were balls.
His favorite thing to do right now is instead of holding my hand, he wants to put his hands in his pockets like a big boy.
Kate was a bit disgruntled the other night when we took her and Danny to James Wood's football game. (The high school where I used to teach.) Danny had a blast, but Kate wanted to go home. This picture cracks me up!Contrary to what one might believe after having seen the previous picture, Kate has begun to smile!

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