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Sunday, September 7, 2008

Newsflash---Being a mom is hard

Just in case you didn't know, being a mom is a handful and I'm ready to go crazy. I'm about ready to pull my hair out with Danny. He wants to be so independent and it makes things soooo difficult for me. His favorite thing right now is when I hold his hand and ask him to walk with me, he throws his body to the floor and REFUSES to walk. I feel like I'm gonna pull his arm out of the socket. But then if I don't hold his hand, he takes off and loves to see me chase him. I feel like I'm creating this terror child, but I don't know what to do. At this point, I definetely feel like the two year old is winning and it's driving me crazy! Our enrichment activity this week is on parenting-looks like I'll be the first one there! (Actually, probably not, I can't seem to be on time for anything!)
But I guess I should share something that shows his sweetness, because he is most certainly not all bad. :) So a little background information---ever since he was a baby he has been one of those that plays with his hair. When he nursed, he would play with this one little piece and twirl it around one of his fingers. Also, when I hold him and he has his arms around my neck, he'll do the same thing to a piece of my hair. And now that he has a big boy bed and I lay in bed with him to read stories and sing songs and stuff, he does the same thing. Well tonight, he put me to sleep as he played with my hair! When I woke up, nearly an hour later, he was asleep but still playing with my hair. He's so cute.

The baby is doing well though. They're so sweet when they're newborns. Dan is out of town this week for some training, so we shall see how I do ALL by myself.


Raen said...

Oh man, I TOTALLY know exactly what you are going through. For awhile there I thought Dallin had some serious disorder, mainly defiancy. All I have to say is, hang in there and be consistant. It's not easy though and it's so exhausting. Good luck, but don't worry, you are a great mom!

Bridges Family said...

I agree with Raenie. Max does the same thing even now. We have consistently told him that he MUST hold hands in the parking lot. Now he'll say, I'm going to the side walk. Hang in there. We'll ALL get through the 2 year old stage!

Bradleyfamily said...

I am also struggling with Josh obeying. I think his initial problem is that he just chooses to completely ignore me. Some times I wonder why I even bother talking. I try to change my mind set and in stead of telling him stop and no all the time, I just distract him. It works about 70% of the time. I think this is the stage that I learn patience and he (hopefully) learns obedience!