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Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Protect Our Children Act

Yesterday's Oprah show was about online sex predators/pedophiles. (To read a summary of her show, click here.) Not the most uplifting topic, I know. While watching I had such a pit in my stomach and I had to turn away at times because I was so disgusted. While trading in pedophile pornography is illegal, there are not sufficient resources to investigate and prosecute the perpetrators. Only one-half of one percent are ever prosecuted. And now the demand for this type of pornography is so high, the predators are attacking younger and younger children, even infants. Being a new mother, this was particularly disturbing. I don't even want to say anymore about the crime, it is just horrible what is happening to these children, toddlers and infants and this should never be a part of one's childhood. To even imagine that any child has to experience this kind of abuse is heartbreaking.

Even though I had difficulty sleeping last night, I am glad that I watched because there is something we can do to help these innocent children. There is a group called PROTECT that is working to pass better laws to better protect our children and there is an important bill going before congress this month. Senate Bill 1738, the PROTECT Our Children Act, will provide valuable funding for child protection task forces. Please take the time NOW to contact your senator and voice your opinion on this bill. Tell them to vote yes! Oprah's website gave great instructions as to how to do this. Click here for that page. It only takes a few minutes. Please do it today.

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